WISRETEC Torque Screwdriver Precision Adjustable 1-10NM 1/4inch Hex Hole Torque Screwdriver Kit

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Brand Type Driver Range Resolution Diameter Length Weight
WISRETEC #1 WTD6-05 1/4'' 1-5NM 0.1 33.8 160 300
WISRETEC #2 WTD6-10 1/4'' 2-10NM 0.1 33.8 160 300
Features:-Accuracy : ± 5%.
-Adjustable Torque.

-Torque range :1NM-10NM. 

-Easy and flexible operation of design.
-Applicable for low torque assemblies, precision applications. 

-Large torque specification with t-type slide bar, it's easier to use.
-Torque setting types : Adjustable torque type & Preset torque type.
-Simple and efficient operation, suitable for production line, laboratory and other occasions.
Package Included:1 x Torque screwdriver
1 x T Bar
1 x Box

(The bits are not included)

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